Future Skills Workshops

 SEPT 6-7

Hands-on workshops by industry leading experts, incl. our conference speakers, on skills crucial to thriving in the future. Includes 2-day access to the Future Port Festival & Expo


Tech & Career
  • A Journey into the World of Nanofibers

    By David Lukáš – Technical University of Liberec

    Date: 6. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: EN

    Who is it for? Creatives, marketing people

    Sharpen your eyes and get ready! We’re exploring the production of nanofibers and their history. On top of that, you’ll be able to make your own nanofibers and take them home with you.


  • Build Your Own Chatbot

    By Michal Bída – IBM

    Date: 6. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ

    Who is it for? Eager for knowledge people. OWN NOTEBOOK NECESSARY.

    Did you know you can program a chatbot without knowing how to program? The experienced experts at IBM will teach you how to create a simple tool that can help you make your work easier. Bring your PCs along!


  • Create Your Own Original Interactive 3D Product

    By Adam Jech & Filip Foltman – Open Innovations

    Date: 6. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ

    Who is it for? Creatives, marketing people, eager for knowledge people

    Do you like working with your hands and new technologies? Combine your interests by designing and naming your own 3D product in this workshop! OWN COMPUTER NEEDED.


  • Hold the Future in Your Hand

    By Petr Pouchlý, Lujza Kotryová – Court of Moravia

    Date: 6. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ

    Who is it for? For those who love surprises, public

    The future is a game! Join in and discuss the challenges of the future in a fast-paced educational game that reflects current trends across industries.
    We sit down around the tables and we’ll play the game based on Policy Horizon’s report MetaScan3. Simple and fun way how to learn about future challenges as well about usage of serious game as a educational tool. Workshop will be run by gamification designers from Court of Moravia.


  • How to Match Your Talent with Your Dream Job

    By Hanka PúllováATAIRU

    Date: 6. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ

    Who is it for? For young people up to 26 age

    The labor market is undergoing radical change. Learn how to use your talents for your own business, at your current job, or how to begin connecting your various activities to find the job of your dreams.


  • Discover Blockchain

    By Josef TětekLiberální Institut

    Date: 6. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ

    Who is it for? Interested public

    That blockchain again! Learn the ins-and-outs of this controversial phenomenon. Maybe you’ll learn how to use it yourself, as well as how it can be abused.


  • Unexpected Uses for Blockchain

    By Jakub JedlinskýVŠE

    Date: 6. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ

    Who is it for? Interested public

    This workshop will discuss alternative and innovative ways of using blockchain. Learn how to send cryptocurrencies through chats, e-mails, or text messages and learn what de-centralized voting is.


  • How to Apply Scientific Results in Your Firm and Get a Jump on the Competition?

    By Jiří Navrátil & Petr ŠídloDirect People

    Date: 6. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ

    Who is it for? Managers, innovation leaders, company managements

    Technology becomes the chief competitive advantages only when we can take advantage of it and apply it to our needs. Then why does cooperation between firms and research facilities, where new technologies are most often discovered, fail so often? How do you set up cooperation between the firm and scientists?

  • Disrupt Your Business

    By Pavel Kysilka & Petr Beneš6D Academy

    Date: 7. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ

    Who is it for? Managers, innovation leaders, company managers

    Learn how to radically change your business before someone else makes you. What technologies and innovations are right for your business or sector? What are the habits and abilities necessary for these digital times?


  • From Idea to Functioning Innovation, or How to Get 0.5 Million Users in 18 Months

    By Michal Kalousek, Tomáš Bartl – Direct People

    Date: 7. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ

    Who is it for? For those who are interested in design and innovations

    What are the raw ingredients of a functioning idea? Learn how to create and discover a concept that will solve real problems and the needs of customers so people love it without marketing.


  • A Window into the Start-Up Scene: How Does a Start-Uper Think?

    By Dalibor PulkertOutboxers

    Date: 6. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ

    Who is it for? Manager, innovation leaders, company managers

    Everything about start-ups in one place. What is their lifecycle, how do you invest in them, and what is the mindset necessary for success? Join in and learn a few new start-up terms.


  • Near future of e-commerce

    By Dalibor KlíčGoogle Industry Manager Retail

    Date: 6. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ

    Who’s it for?  All people

    At the workshop, we will discuss in detail the impact of artificial intelligence on e-commerce focusing on performance marketing, team composition and market situation.

  • Introduction to Python language for students

    By Ondřej Vošta, Chief Learning Officer, at makeITtoday

    Duration: 60 min / Capacity: 10 / Language: CZ

    Who is it for? Students 12 – 16 years

    The workshop focuses on getting to know the Python programming language. Python is popular for its versatility, productivity and openness.


  • Interactive workshop with Ozobots

    By Ondřej Vošta, Chief Learning Officer at makeITtoday 

    Duration: 60 min / Capacity: 10 / Language: CZ

    Who is it for? Children 8 – 12 years

    Ozobots represent an ideal entry into the world of robotics. Ozobot is a miniature robot, the smallest of its kind, and really excites all! Children will program their way to their robot via color codes. The workshop will be on the topic of Autumn.


  • Hands-on workshop about Hyperledger

    By Miroslav Iwachow, IBM

    Duration 90 min / Capacity 15 / Language: CZ

    Who’s it for? Public with basic knowledge of script language. OWN NOTEBOOK NECESSARY.

    The workshop is an introduction to Blockain. Learn about the main differences in cryptographic and business transactions. You will get an overview of the basic elements of using the hyperledger in the field of banking, government services, industry, healthcare and more.


  • David Vrba

    Be an Exponential Organization: an EXO

    By David VrbaEXO Lever

    Date: 7. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ

    Who is it for? Managers, innovation leaders, company leaders

    How do you leverage exponential technologies to create an exponential organization? Technology is only the beginning, but an owner or CEO must weigh other aspects such as organizational design, working with data, openness to the outside world, and decision-making processes. This interactive workshop will show you how.


  • Are You a Flexible Company? Measure How Much!

    By Zdeňka Studena and Jana Špačková FLEXJOBS.CZ

    Date: 6. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ

    Who is it for? HR experts, company owners, CEOs

    Does your firm offer flexibility at work? Would you like to analyze how well it’s working and how your employees feel about it? Do you want to know where changes are needed to achieve better results? FLEXcheck measures five areas where flexible cooperation helps achieve success.


  • IoT Bing Bang

    By Martin Gebauer & Miloš Mastník – České Radiokomunikace

    Date: 7. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ

    Who’s it for? Managers and CEOs

    What is IoT’s business potential? And what is the potential of IoT in your company? What is LORA and how we are ready for IoT in the Czech Republic? You will receive answers to these and many other questions during an interactive workshop about the future of IoT.


  • Build a simple IoT alarm

    By Martin Hubáček & Karel Blavka – Firmware Designers at Hardwario

    Date: 6. 9. / Duration 90 min / Capacity 15 / Language: CZ

    Who’s it for? people interested in technologies

    The Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are a phenomenon of the last years and many conferences or hackathons are organized on these topics. We will show how to verify concepts and launch IoT projects with the BigClown kit in easy, fast and at low-cost way. We will present real projects and together build one IoT element – a simple alarm.


  • Your very first digital marketing AI

    By Jiří Štěpán, Etnetera Activate

    Date: 7. 9. Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ

    Who’s it for? Curious people with some programming skills and own computer.

    How to implement AI in your company? We’ll provide you a basic knowledge of machine learning and you can try with us to feed the tool with data and train AI to do one particular magical thing.



  • Save paper wallet for bitcoin

    By Milan Půlkrábek, Paralelní Polis

    Date: 7. 9. / Duration 60 min / Capacity 15 / Language: EN/CZ

    Who’s it for? Those interested in the safe storage of cryptos

    The procedure for creating a secure paper wallet using an anonymous operating system that fits the USB flash drive.


  • Start Building Your Future Work Skills Now

    By Martin Ruman – Psychologist, learning designer, people development consultant at

    Date: 7. 9. / Duration: 90 min / Capacity: 15 / Language: CZ/EN

    Who is it for? Business leaders and everyone else interested in people development, namely HR / L&D strategists

    Become a determined architect of the Future of You – or brace for impact. That is the choice we are facing in the technologically accelerated world. So how do we as humans stay relevant alongside synthetic intelligence in the workplace of tomorrow? Let’s explore the skills critical to fully leveraging the human potential in the digital age – and ways to start building them today.


  • Open window to VR

    By Jarda StehlíkLIV Inc.

    Date: 6. 9. / Duration 90 min / Capacity 15 / Language: EN / CZ

    Who’s it for? anyone interested in VR

    The Workshop aims to introduce the concept of mixed reality to the general public and how it can be applied to the promotion of virtual reality experiences.




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