What the future needs to be like to respond much better to such global crises?

Dear Future Porters,

We truly hope this finds you in good health and standing in these uncertain times.

As everyone, we are dealing with the new circumstances. Czechia is right now in full quarantine with public life and borders closed following the now-usual scenario worldwide. A highly solidary spirit has built up here with many offering generous altruistic help with whatever they can. 

In the same way we look at how we can help through our Future Port community of enthusiasts, innovators, and leaders in tech and education.

Here’s what we are starting with:

  • Future Port Video Library – we’ve launched a new video library for you with inspiring talks from past 3 Future Ports. Free access for all. We will gradually publish all the 200+ talks we have – for starters check out our team’s top 9 conference picks!
  • Musíme si pomáhat (local corona relief page, Czech only) – a simple page aimed to help the Czech innovation community to support each other and foster new partnerships in the current crisis.
  • We are offering postponed and cancelled Prague tech and edu events a possible cooperation at our main September 2020 event. Let me know if you want to talk.
  • Let me know what else we can do! We are grateful for any suggestions on how we could leverage the FPP community for the benefit of all – just answer this email. Thanks!

Regarding our September Future Port Prague 2020 event, we keep calm and carry on, so to say. We understand that running a large event in the aftermath of such a year’s start will be a tough call. We strongly believe, though, that this is actually an enormous opportunity for all of us to focus then on what matters the most – what our future world needs be like to respond much better to such global crises or to prevent them whatsoever. 

Who’s been with us for a while knows exponential technologies hold such promise – if understood well, spread evenly, and used right while cooperating on a global scale.

Future Port has been created to foster such exchange and we’ll reflect that throughout the event. We’ve already started discussions about it with our partners, speakers, exhibitors, and attendees that we hope to bring together on Sept 10-11, 2020 in Prague. Including you. We’ll keep you informed.

All the best and please keep safe,

Martin & the whole FPP team


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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Published: 19. 3. 2020

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