We are lucky

Today, we were supposed to open the gates of Future Port Prague for the 4th time.

We didn’t. Bringing 10.000 people together is still a nogo. The reasons why FPP started, though, stay valid. Even more so.

Showing that despite what media feed us and issues we face around the world, we are still living in the most extraordinary times in human history. As humankind, we objectively enjoy the most healthy, peaceful, happy, literate, nourished, and long-lived lives thanks to the scientific, technological, and humanist progress generations have worked hard for.

This gives us an unprecedented chance—and a great responsibility—to tackle what’s left of the grand challenges humanity faces. Nobody before us had such powerful tools in hands like we do – the internet, mobile networks, AI, 3D printing, robotics, nanotech, biotech, virtual reality, blockchain, reusable rockets…

So despite everything that 2020 brought upon us, we are still lucky to live today. With Future Port, we’ll continue to look for ways to bring this understanding to the world.

As we can’t meet in person today, please enjoy this short video we just found 🙂 It reminded us of the amazing energy we all created together. Thank you!


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Published: 10. 9. 2020

Categories: News

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