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    • Future
      festival & Expo
      festival ticket

      CZK 490 (EUR 19) incl. VAT

      Children up to 12 accompanied by adults entrance free

      Access to the Future Festival & Expo
      20+ Inspirational speakers on the Main Festival Stage
      100+ international top notch exhibitors
      Talks in English and Czech, translation available
      Tickets sold on site. Card payments not available
    • Future
      of business
      conference and festival pass

      CZK 17 900 (EUR 680) excl. VAT. (CZK 21 659 incl. VAT.)

      Full Access to Future of Business ConferenceFull Access to the Future Festival & ExpoNetworking dinner with speakers and guarantorsLunch, dinner and refreshments included


      All talks in English, Czech translation available


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Future Port Prague
September 7, 2017, Pražská tržnice