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First announced speakers

Prepare to go deep, far, and wide with our growing selection of international speakers who embody the quote by A. Lincoln:

The best way to predict future is to create it“.

  • Gerd Leonhard

    Futurist, Humanist, Author of 'Technology vs. Humanity', CEO The Futures Agency


    Gerd is a futurist and keynote speaker who focuses on the future of humanity and technology, raising important questions about the ethics of exponential technologies.

    He’s listed by Wired Magazine as one of the top 100 most influential people in Europe. A note to remember (and Google) about Gerd: #Hellven challenges.

  • Dr. Anita Sengupta

    Dr. Anita Sengupta

    Vice President & Engineering Queen at Hyperloop One


    They say rocket scientists are smart. Anita certainly is, having sent probes to Mars and built engines that power spacecraft as part of her work at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Aerospace Engineer, Professor, Pilot, and Space Exploration Veteran, she’s now working at Richard Branson’s Virgin Hyperloop One to revolutionize how we travel here on Earth.

  • Yuri van Geest

    Yuri van Geest

    SingularityU, Futurist


    Everything you need to know about bringing your firm into the exponential era can be found in Exponential Organizations, which start-up artists Yuri van Geest helped create with Salim Ismail, Mike Malone, and Peter Diamandis.

  • Tadahiro Kawada

    Tadahiro Kawada

    President of Kawada Technologies, Inc.


    Robots are going to be part of our future, but the question is what roles will they fulfill and are there aspects we should be concerned about? Find out from Tadahiro Kawada, who besides being the fourth-generation president of Kawada Industries has a passion for robots and his firm has been building and developing them since 2000. The newest robotics product, NEXTAGE, is an industrial‐use collaborative robot (cobot) that empowers manufacturing companies.

  • Amy Peck

    Amy Peck

    EndeavorVR / CEO


    Amy is an evangelist for AR/VR development in the commercial arena. Her personal mission is to see VR/AR fundamentally improve every aspect of our lives and change the way we work, learn, communicate, and play.

  • Dolfi Müller

    Dolfi Müller

    Mayor of Zug


    Dolfi Müller is the current Mayor of Zug, a city home to nearly 30,000 residents and one of the hottest European tech destinations that runs on blockchain. Hear how Zug became the place to be for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain initiatives.

  • Nell Watson

    Nell Watson

    Co-founder of EthicsNet


    An engineer, entrepreneur, and futurist thinker who grew up in Northern Ireland. Nell founded Poikos (now QuantaCorp), a machine learning-driven ‘AI for body measurement’. She lectures globally on Machine Intelligence, AI philosophy, Human-Machine relations, and the Future of Human Society, serving on the Faculty of AI & Robotics at Singularity University.

  • Christian Jacobsson

    Head of Energy Artificial Intelligence at DTI/Alpiq


    The future of energy is one of society’s big questions. Christian Jacobsson is one of the people working on an answer. As head of Energy AI at DTI/Alpiq, he is pioneering the use of artificial intelligence to manage energy devices, from connecting to processing to forecasting, optimizing and trading, and executing decisions, all in real-time.

  • Wendell Wallach

    Wendell Wallach

    Robots ethicist


    Can robots be taught right from wrong? There is no one more better than Wendell Wallach, one of the world’s preeminent robot ethicists, to answer that question.

  • Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy

    Associate Professor at University of Louisville


    Dr. Yampolskiy has racked up an impressive academic career that has been dedicated to topics spanning the range from AI to cybersecurity to pattern recognition. His numerous teaching awards, however, promise that his talk will be both lively and exceptionally insightful.

  • Kyle Acierno

    Lunar Commerce Specialist


    Kyle Acierno is the Managing Director of ispace Europe, which produces the lightest rover ever made weighing in at a mere 4 kilos. Kyle specializes in lunar commerce as part of the Space Resources Initiative and won the Space Generation Advisory Council’s Space Leader Award in 2015.

  • Dominic Eskofier

    Dominic Eskofier

    Head of VR at NVIDIA & Global VR influencer


    Heading Virtual Reality at NVIDIA EMEAI, Dominic is also a VR advocate, enthusiast, and the single most influential European VR ambassador. No surprise, he also happens to be the co-founder and moderator of the largest unofficial community for Virtual Reality on the internet. Fun fact: Ask him about when Palmer Luckey showed him the first duct-taped prototype of the Oculus Rift back in 2012.

  • Ryan Jenkins

    Senior fellow at the Ethics


    Ryan is a professor of philosophy and the questions he tries to answer have important real-world impacts. That’s because Ryan explores the ethical quandaries in emerging technologies such as automation, cyber warfare, autonomous weapons, and driverless cars; all things that have or will touch all our lives.

  • Kevin Warwick

    Prof. Kevin Warwick

    Cyborg & Researcher


    Kevin is a unique combination of a scientist and a movie star but he is probably best known for achieving the world’s first direct electronic communication between two human nervous systems; the basis for thought communication. Researcher in artificial intelligence, robotics, and biomedical engineering, Kevin uses his body as a cyborg laboratory for experiments with implants.

  • Martin Ruubel

    Martin Ruubel

    Estonian e-government pioneer


    Martin’s company is behind many of the blockchain and e-government projects that made Estonia famous. As digital transformation spreads to more elements of our daily lives, cybersecurity will only grow in importance. Should you fear technology? What are the real threats out there? You can ask Martin Ruubel, Vice Chairman of the European Cybersecurity Organization (ESCO).

  • Anish Mohammed

    Anish Mohammed



    Anish is the epitome of the modern renaissance man. He’s worked as a medical doctor, bioinformatician, strategic consultant, and cryptographer, spending half his career researching cryptographic algorithms and protocols.

  • Charlie Fink

    Charlie Fink

    Forbes contributor, AR/VR Expert, writer & futurist


    Multitalented and multidisciplinary Charlie Fink is a former Disney executive who famously came up with the idea of “The Lion King”. Charlie has won over 15 awards for musical productions, has been a pioneer of VR and AR, which he covers for Forbes.

  • Skinner Layne

    Skinner Layne

    Exosphere Academy / Founding Rector


    Skinner Layne has broad experience in business, finance, technology, and politics, having consulted for NASDAQ companies, advised the campaigns of a U.S. Senator, and founded multiple startups. He’s lived in Latin America for nearly a decade and is a popular speaker for his contrarian views. Comes have a listen to his unique point of view.

  • Liliana Berezkinova

    Liliana Berezkinová

    Nanopharma CEO


    Liliana’s passion lies in innovation and merging the scientific and entrepreneurial worlds into breakthrough projects. She is the CEO of Nanopharma, a company pioneering the use of nanofibers, having developed the first artificial organ. In 2017, she was voted one of the TOP 3 Women Entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic.

  • Ryan Thorpe

    Ryan Thorpe

    Revolut / Business Development Manager - Europe


    Ryan has taken his years of experience with fast-growing start-ups in Europe, Asia, and the US and leveraged them with Revolut, one of the fastest-growing fintechs in Europe.

  • Larry Sanger

    Co-founder of Wikipedia, CIO Everpedia


    With over 3 million unique users monthly and over 6 million articles, Everpedia is currently the world’s largest English Encyclopedia. Meet Larry Sanger, the co-founder of Wikipedia, who joined Everpedia as the CIO  and now works on turning it into the first encyclopedia on the blockchain.

  • Denis Rivin

    Factotum / Founding Father


    Denis Rivin took a long way around to get to exponential technologies, starting in art history, curation, music management, and publishing. Once he realized the challenges and opportunities that come with digital transformation, he pivoted and can now shed light on how to better address local and global challenges using technology.

  • Martin Pumera

    Prof. Martin Pumera

    Nanorobotics expert


    Martin Pumera was named the “2017 Highly Cited Researcher” by Clarivate Analytics. He is a man with a passion for nanorobots and micromachines, 3D printing, and 2D materials. After spending 20 years abroad as a professor and researcher in Singapore, Japan, Spain, and the US, Martin returned to Prague to be the Director of the Center for Advanced Functional Nanorobots.

  • David Pavlík

    David Pavlík



    David Pavlik’s CV reads like a list if hot tech tech companies. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who also worked at Microsoft, Netflix, and SpaceX. Now, David is the newest member of the management team, taking the post of Chief Information Officer (CIO).

  • René Waclavicek

    Space Architect


    René Waclavicek may be one of the first people to build a city in a space. He has the broad skill set necessary for such a task, with experience in international space architecture, design, 3D-modeling, and construction planning for terrestrial buildings.

  • Kevin Williams

    Kevin Williams

    Founder at KWP


    Kevin Williams is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. He announced himself back in 1984, the early days of the computer era, by designing his first game: Bear George. He a driver in the industry to this day and has vast experience in developing and promoting the latest immersive technologies.

  • Bob Tetiva

    Bob Tetiva

    Sense Area / Founder and Project Director


    Bob Tetiva has worked in telecommunications, IT, and marketing for 22 years. In 2017, he founded the Sense Arena, which is developing a training platform to improve the cognitive processes of hockey players in game situations.

  • Ran Kleiner

    Ran Kleiner

    Drone Master


    Meet Ran Kleiner, the Israeli Drone Master. Ran started his career in the drone industry some 25 years ago as a pilot. Since then, he has been involved in some of the most innovative and exciting drone projects worldwide and he has contributed to building an international commercial drone ecosystem.

  • Kris Layng

    Artist-in-Residence at NYU Future Reality Lab


    Kris Layng is a filmmaker and the Artist-in-Residence at the NYU Future Reality Lab. He’s also a VR director. Fascinating, wouldn’t you say?

  • Daniel Sykora

    Daniel Sýkora

    Czech Technical University


    He may not be an artist, but he created algorithms that paint for him. Daniel also leads a research group at the Czech Technical University that works with Adobe to change the way animated films are made. In 2017, Daniel’s work was recognized with the first-ever Neuron award for young scientists in the field of Computer Science.

  • Ján Ilavský

    Hyperbolic Magnetism, Co-founder


    Ján Ilavský is a true creative soul, designing and developing dozens of applications and games, picking up an Apple Design Award design award along the way. He’s also helped birth the best-selling VR game in the world – Beat Saber. Anyone interested in the future of games can’t miss his talk.

  • Tomáš Těthal

    Tomáš Těthal

    CEO of IQ Structures


    Tomas might be one of the most experienced holographic experts; not just in the Czech Republic, but also in the UK, where he has been running businesses since 1994. Yes, holographic images are THAT old.

  • Jan Lukačevič

    Jan Lukačevič

    Space Engineer


    Jan may be only 26, but he’s developing an antenna for the European Space Agency’s ExoMars 2020 mission that will measure electric discharges in dust storms on the red planet. He’s also the recipient of British Interplanetary Society Award for Best Technical Paper and was chosen by the Financial Times and Google as one of the New Europe 100 challengers in Central and Eastern Europe in 2017.

  • Martin Švík

    Executive IT architect at IBM


    Small technology start-ups have the power to disrupt current models and transform how things are done. Martin Švik works as a venture capitalist in residence at IBM to develop and foster proof of concepts all over the world.

  • Martin Hron

    Security Researcher at Avast


    You would be hard pressed to find someone more devoted to keeping our computers safe than Martin Hron. He is a multitalented technology enthusiast from Avast, who’s always on the hunt for emerging technologies.

  • Vladislav Iliushin

    IoT Threat Researcher at Avast


    Security, security, security. It’s both an exciting and sensitive topic in today’s digital era. Take a listen to Vladislav’s thoughts about the biggest threats facing the interconnected world and how we can tackle them.

  • Samar Singla

    Samar Singla

    Jugnoo = Founder of the largest AI rickshaw startup


    What markets can be and should be disrupted? How can we use technology to make people’s lives easier and better? Samar Singla may have some insight. His firm Jugnoo is the largest auto rickshaw aggregator in India, revolutionizing the local delivery market.

  • Alžběta Krausová

    Alžběta Krausová

    Legal Researcher


    What are the legal implications of merging technology and organic life? Alžběta, who specializes in the legal aspects of artificial intelligence, robotics, and brain-computer interfaces, can shed light on the future of what was once just sci-fi as cyborgs and androids become part of our society.

  • Jean-Baptiste Latil D’albertas

    Jean-Baptiste Latil D’albertas

    Development Manager at Navya


    Jean-Baptiste is passionate about innovations related to sustainability and improvements for everyday life. No wonder he is park of NAVYA, a pioneer and specialist in the autonomous vehicle market.

  • Michal Gloger

    Michal Gloger

    Expert in biomechanics and biorobotics


    Michal is a phenomenal tech doctor. Thanks to his passion for biomechanics and biorobotics, we will be able to help the disabled or elderly get and stay on their feet someday soon.

  • Jan Hovora

    CEO Pocket Virtuality


    Jan Hovora is the co-owner and CEO of Pocket Virtuality, the firm that developed Fata Morgana, which creates interactive 3D models for virtual reality. He can certainly clear up whether virtual reality’s future is only an illusion…

  • Petr Vaclavek

    Petr Václavek

    Foodgroot = Marketing guru


    If you need to know where to get the best coffee in Basel, or where to find the best herring in Gothenburg, Petr Václavek could probably give you some good advice. However, he’s probably better at helping you start a business and making it grow.

More speakers and a detailed program schedule to be announced…