Speakers 2019

First announced conference & festival speakers. (Many) more will follow

  • Andrej Kiska

    Former Slovak President


    Andrej Kiska is a Slovak enterpreneur, philantropist & writer. A former businessman, Kiska was elected President of Slovakia in 2014 and has written two books about happiness, success and leadership.

    In 2006, Kiska co-founded a non-profit charitable organization Dobrý anjel, in which donors help families that have found themselves in a difficult financial situation as a result of a family member contracting a serious disease.

  • Samuel H. Sternberg

    Genetic Engineer behind CRISPR


    Gene editing is no longer the domain of sci-fi movies. Sam’s research focuses on the mechanism of DNA targeting by RNA-guided bacterial immune systems (CRISPR-Cas) and on the development of these systems for genome engineering. Sam is a part of the scientific team lead by Dr. Jennifer Doudna focused on the mechanism of DNA targeting by RNA-guided bacterial immune systems (CRISPR—Cas9) and on the development of these systems for genome engineering applications. He is the co-author of A Crack in Creation, a popular science book about the discovery, development, and applications of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology.

  • Yuri van Geest

    SingularityU, Futurist


    Coming from the interaction of technology, strategy, innovation, organization and digitization and focusing on technological, organizational and personal transformation / innovation, Yuri has helped leaders and organizations globally to embrace exponential thinking and doing since 2008.
    As co-author of the highly acclaimed best selling (more than 300.000 in 20 different languages) business book “Exponential Organizations”, he impacted corporates, agencies, startups, governments, communities and purpose driven organizations. How? Via keynotes, workshops, training and executive coaching.

  • Kerstin Ewelt

    Head of Marketing & BD at Quora


    Kerstin Ewelt is Head of Marketing & Business Development Northern Europe, for Quora. She is responsible for growing Quora in Northern Europe and is dedicated to the mission of bringing together people on Quora seeking to gain and share knowledge.
    She joined the company in April 2017, after serving as Country Manager Search for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at Yahoo. Kerstin began her career as a journalist in Germany, working for newspapers including Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Berliner Zeitung.

  • Knut Sauer

    Co-founder of Digital Mobility Ventures


    What does distance mean? People like Knut are not afraid to challenge the familiar perceptions of the space that lies between us. The Future of Mobility is his greatest passion. Knut is the co-founder of Arrivo and Digital Mobility Ventures. Previously, he has worked as the Vice President of the System Development at Hyperloop One. 


  • Vítor Espírito Santo

    Director of Cellular Agriculture at JUST


    Vitor is the Director of Cellular Agriculture at JUST, leading a biotechnology and cell culture program towards the development of cultured meat. His main focus is to select animals and breeds of interest and strategically isolate, identify and characterize novel cell candidates amenable for manufacturing.
    The main mission of JUST is to produce cultured meat that is affordable, delicious and available to everyone while simultaneously overcoming food safety, environmental and ethical hurdles that we’re facing nowadays with conventional meat production.

  • Ana Rold

    Publisher & CEO of Diplomatic Courier


    Ana C. Rold is the CEO and Publisher of Diplomatic Courier, the flagship media network and magazine for top diplomats in Washington, DC, New York, Brussels and Geneva. Rold is also the co-founder of Learning Economy, an education and blockchain and AI venture.

  • Jay Latta

    Emerging Technology Strategist


    Jay Latta is an Emerging Technology Strategist with over 25 years of experience focused on industrial and enterprise IT. He has a passion for analyzing complex technologies and systems, clearly defining actionable insights and helping the C-suite better implement effective technology solutions. Jay is now developing open networks and building partnerships to support emerging technology markets, better-enabling innovation and maximizing the benefit to all involved.

  • Stefan Vilsmeier

    President & CEO of Brainlab


    After just 20 days on campus as a computer science student at the Technical University of Munich, Stefan dropped out and founded Brainlab to focus on digitizing surgery.

    Since those early beginnings in 1989, Brainlab has evolved into an international leader in medical technology with over 1400 employees in 18 offices around the globe. The company has installed intelligent software and intuitive hardware for use in surgery, radiotherapy and digital operating room integration in over 5000 hospitals worldwide.


  • Chris Purifoy

    Chief Architect & CEO of Learning Economy


    Chris is the co-founder and Chief Architect of the Learning Economy. A serial entrepreneur, he is also an author, technology architect, and futurist. He speaks in global forums about blockchain, the slippery slope of progress and the importance of art with purpose.

  • Shalev Lifshitz

    AI Researcher and Entrepreneur


    16 years old, Canadian, and striving to develop the future of technology. Shalev Lifshitz is one of the world’s youngest AI researchers and entrepreneurs. He has spoken at various conferences inspiring many to explore and think about the future of AI as well as what questions we need to ask in order to be prepared human-level artificial intelligence.

  • Brian Spears

    Co-founder & CEO of New Age Meats


    Is lab-grown meat the future of how we going to eat? Let us challenge the way you see your lunch! Brian is a chemical engineer with 12 years of industry experience. His company is producing meat from animal cells instead of animal slaughter.

    Previously, Brian spent eight years as the co-founder of Sixclear, creating software and products to automate the research labs and production environments of customers such as NASA, Cisco Systems, Sandia National Labs, and GE Healthcare. 


  • Jevgeni Kabanov

    Chief Product Officer at Bolt (Taxify)


    Can a startup challenge our perception of something as mundane as transportation? Jevgeni is the Chief Product Officer at Bolt (formerly known as Taxify), one of the fastest-growing transportation platforms in Europe and Africa with more than 25 million passengers in more than 30 countries.

    He is an entrepreneurship champion and currently the president of the Estonian Startup Leaders Club. In 2015, he received the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award in Estonia.


  • Petr Rokůsek

    Founder & Scriptwriter of Sustainable Businesses


    Environment & energy. Will they ever meet? Petr Rokůsek is a visionary entrepreneur and investor in modern energy. In these pursuits, Petr has focused on demonstrating options for a smart combination of nature and technology. With a team of experts, he is currently developing technologies for electricity-sharing and flexibility aggregation, including blockchain.


  • Ambuj "AJ" Jain

    Founder of Feed A Billion, TEDx Speaker


    In 2016, Ambuj has founded Feed A Billion, which has provided over 4 million meals to those in need around the globe. This nutritional program specifically focuses on the prevention of human trafficking by providing daily, consistent nutrition to children in schools by leveraging AJ’s industry connections and technology to create a large, sustainable impact.

    Ambuj has spoken on stages across the globe, including those of Tony Robbins, TedX, and A360.


  • Danny Laker

    CEO of FashionXact


    How does a shared economy of fashion contributes to a shift in urban life and creates multiple new service models to make future cities survive & thrive, while disrupting the way how we perceive fashion in general?
    Danny believes fashion is one of the key drivers of people’s life; for better or for worse. Through fashionXact Danny aims to make high quality fashion available to everybody – the key to the worlds closet – adapting to a changing city culture and society. Working towards a collaborative fashion industry and thereby contributing to laying the ground for a billion beautiful strides!

  • Ronald Klüber

    CEO of Consilis GmbH


    How can we move people and things more seamlessly in the future? Changing current reality fast requires an ecosystem perspective!
    Roland has a passion for innovating mobility services. He is a multi-entrepreneur, innovation and adoption specialist (AI, IOT & Platforms). He worked for start-ups and corporates. Roland is keen on identifying areas where information economy benefits can make a change. He supports start-ups, is CEO of the innovation company Consilis and partner at Theron Advisory Group.

  • Omri Yoffe

    Founder & CEO of Vi


    Will AI be your next fitness coach? Omri is the founder & CEO of Vi, with a mission is to democratize personal fitness through AI and voice. Previously, he founded Clear Cut and C4 companies, both developed and scaled aerospace technologies globally.

    Not impressed yet? Omri is a former Israeli Air Force pilot and combines his tech-oriented activities along with social impact, as he also created OFEK, a non-profit organization that guides and empowers low socio-economical youth to become financially sustainable. 


  • Martin Rehak

    CEO & Founder of Bulletproof AI


    Privacy. The ultimate topic which touches the lives of everyone. Bulletproof AI builds solution for security of machine learning and statistical techniques applied to credit risk scoring, fraud detection, anti-money laundering and biometric authentication, as well as other AI application domains in finance and security industry.


  • Tony Hunter

    Food scientist, Futurist


    Tony Hunter is a Global Futurist and consultant specialising in the Future of Food. He is a passionate believer that AgriFood Tech offers massive opportunities to solve the problems of sustainability and feeding the growing global population.
    Tony travels the world using his combination of scientific qualifications and business experience to convey how new technologies will influence Food Industries. He wants the world in 2050 to look back and thank, not condemn, the Food Industry for its actions.

  • Julian Weiss

    Co-Founder & CEO headraft GmbH


    Julian Weiss is co-founder and CEO of headraft GmbH, an immersive agency that advises clients on XR and directly designs and produces creative Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions.
    In 2018 their award winning immersive work ranged from an app for Sony Music (‘Tunnel AR’ by Die Fantastischen Vier), platform solutions for Lufthansa with ‘Walk-in Ads’, an international POS campaign for Duty Free giant Gebr. Heinemann to Facebook Filters for Mercedes Benz.

  • Prateep Beed



    With a background in engineering and systems neuroscience, Prateep is interested in combining the strengths of algorithms and biology. He is a senior research scientist at the Charité Berlin and working currently on decoding how neurons encode and store memory during a night’s sleep.


  • Ricardo Marvao

    Co-founder of Beta-i


    Beta-i is one of the main entrepreneurship and innovation organizations in Europe, recognized as one of the world most active startup accelerators and by Wired magazine as “the top incubator in town”.
    Ricardo’s company helps new and established businesses grow the startup way, by running acceleration and innovation programs, organizing events, promoting investment and creating great work spaces at our hub. In the Education area we developed program for kids, university students and executives.

  • Michal Illich

    Founder & CEO of Zuri


    Michal founded Jyxo search engine, Blog.cz, Testomato and other internet projects. These days his team works on an innovative airplane with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), called Zuri. The goal is to provide effective air travel from any place, without going to airport and ordered from a mobile app.
    Michal also invests, usually through StartupYard or directly (BudgetBakers, Pex, Brand Embassy, XTND and others).