Smart firefighter suit

The smartPRO suit is based on a certified three-layer protective suit for firefighters, which is designed mainly for extinguishing interior fires under extreme conditions for temperature, fumes and/or orientation in space. The suit is equipped with a sophisticated electronics system consisting of sensors, an alarm and a so-called Suit Control Unit (or SCU). The system can continually monitor and evaluate the safety of the environment in which a firefighter is operating: temperature inside and outside the garment, moisture, humidity, detection of toxic and combustible gases. The suit also provides information about the physiological functions of the person inside as well as on the exact location of the person on a map. Apart from the above, the suit is also equipped with 6 active LED lights that are fixed on the main reflective tape.

SmartPRO suit can also be equipped with special Holík smart gloves. The right glove employs two temperature sensors which enable to measure not only the temperature on the glove surface but also the temperature of distant objects. The firefighter can check the measured values using a simple traffic light method (green-amber-red) directly on the glove.