Sept 1, 2500; Report from the Future School

“Get up Johnny!” a household robot yells at me. We haven’t seen each other in a while. I’ve been at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean for the past two weeks. For you dinosaurs, we don’t have 2-month summer vacation. You take vacation when you want

The Pacific was awesome. Better than the last year’s school trip to Mars, and I got to take my friends along. They connected to me using (S)kype E560. These perfected data transfers are amazing. It was almost like a landline at the bottom of the ocean.

But enough about vacation. I’m off to school. I’ll have my macro breakfast, clean my 5D goggles and off I go. I signed in the 5578 International Virtual School 6.0 last year, and it’s cool. I’m at level 10 now and I can stay there my entire life if I wish. Schools are basically these endless computer games. Some guys came up with the concept back in the Stone Age as an innovation in education and it caught on. It’s a great system now. You advance when you complete something. No grades.

I wonder who’ll join us this term. There could be up to 100 people in the
class. It’s great when I run into my cousins who live 300km away. It doesn’t matter that Missy is 10, I’m 14, and my cousin is 20. He often works in the innovation lab where he discovers how things work. He’s a robot doctor. That’s a great business because robots break down and need lubricating 😊.  Robots also teach us most of the time. In fact, it is often hard to tell humans from
Sometimes it’s just a voice in the distance asking you questions. The other day in school we watched a video of a construction site where two diggers “fought” over digging a hole. They read the day plan incorrectly and it ended up a mess.
So, we tried to figure out how to prevent that from happening again. George from the Islands, he’s 18, he’s smart.  He programmed a security fall safe that basically tells them, “Hey you bucket of bolts, read your programming before you start working.” I helped him finalize it. It was so much fun! I love learning new things and I do a lot of it every day.

So, time to go. I need to connect or I’ll be late for school. It’s great. I love learning and I do a lot of it every day. I mean, I am at level 10 already, right? But I still can’t wait to go have ice cream with Martina this afternoon. Real ice cream with strawberries. See you later!


We will see what the school of the future will look like. Regardless, we are here now to support meaningful education projects for the future.

We would like to invite you to spend two days at the Future School. The program has been developed under the supervision of Elixir do škol in collaboration with the following partner organizations: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University; Czechitas; Matemág and EDULAB. This program is financially supported by Česká spořitelna.

Would you like to try Ozobots, Anatomy 4D or attend Friday school of magic for the future innovators?
We look forward to seeing you there!

On behalf of the Future School team,
Elixír do škol