Rotorama Open Future Port Prague 2018

Of course, there will be our popular Drone zone again! And with official races: Rotorama Open Future Port Prague. Czech pilots are currently amongst the top drone racers so you can be sure the race will be top notch.

Races schedule – Thu, Sep 6 and Fri, Sep 7

  • 10:30-12:30 Training flights
  • 13:30–15:00 1st and 2nd qualification
  • 15:15–16:00 3rd qualification
  • 16:30–18:30 4th and 5th qualification
  • 18:30–19:15 Qualification results announcement
  • 19:15 Semifinal
  • 20:15 Final

Come and see the best drone pilots of today competing at Future Port Prague. The whole racing track and drones will be lit, so after dark, you can look forward to a great visual show as well.

Meanwhile, take a look at last year’s race: