Tomas Studenik

Radical innovator and city hacker will tells us how to use hackathons to innovate corporations, CZ

Tomas is best known for a popular monthly FuckUp Nights. Never heard of it? Well, maybe you have never fucked-up anything… The idea is that we learn the most from failures (and try not to repeat them). Distinguished entrepreneurs, scientists, and artists come to fuckupnights since 2017.
Its popularity led Tomas to publish the Big Book of Fuckups, „a book of the year“ according to the world-renowned economist Tomas Sedlacek. This success made a nomination for Tomas for Esquireman 2019 under the business category.

Apart from fuckups, Tomas consults companies such as ŠKODA AUTO, Pzensky Prazdroj, ABB or Novartis how to be innovative and keep pace. He is the CEO of Insane Business Ideas and organizes the first global CEE Hacks hackathon holding numerous innovation events to improve mobility, energy, and health in European cities.