Renata Chlumska

The first to be Czech / Swedish woman gazing down at Earth from Mars, CZ/SE

Renata Chlumska rarely says no to new challenges. She has managed to complete several expeditions like reaching the top of Mount Everest. She is the first person ever to circumnavigate the lower 48 states of the US by her own strength, kayaking and bicycling. An expedition that took her across oceans and mountains, rivers and deserts for 439 days and 18 200 kilometers.

With such a pace, Renata has made it on the list over the world’s 25 top female adventure athletes. No wonder! Besides all that, Renata is also a successful Entrepreneur and a Keynote Speaker.

Her next challenge is the space (what else) hoping to become the first Czech / Swedish woman to gaze down at Earth from (wait for it..) MARS! Enabled by Virgin Galactic.