Lila Tretikov

Microsoft AI/AR expert, climate change warrior, and former head of the Wikimedia, RU

Lila is an entrepreneur, board director, the former head of Wikimedia/Wikipedia, and a former CEO of energy company battling climate change. She is a leading responsible AI & AR development at Microsoft now.

She has an incredible altruistic passion for making the world better, whether it’s related to climate change or creating AI to assist for accessibility. Her role at Microsoft involves bringing the best creators, engineers, scientists, designers, and ethicists together to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems and empower humanity through technology.

She has a remarkable story about how she got to where she is today. Her entrepreneurial spirit and grit started early on when she began her first company out of college that looked at decoding the human genome. Prior to Microsoft, Lila was a Chief Executive Officer of  Terrawatt, a global organization that aligns corporate, financial, NGOs and political interests to alter the Earth’s ecology.