Anita Sengupta

Aerospace engineer, rocket scientist, veteran of the space program. All in one lovely person, US

Anita is a hell of a woman. She worked for NASA for 16 years. During that time Anita worked on the ion propulsion system for the Dawn Mission, her supersonic parachute landed the Curiosity rover on Mars, and she had sent the Cold Atom Laboratory an atomic physics facility now on board the International Space Station.

As if it wasn’t enough, after leaving NASA, Anita led the development of the Hyperloop at Virgin Hyperloop, a technology that can enable ground-based travel in excess of airline speed.

Her current venture is Co-Founder at Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX), an electrified autonomous VTOL urban aerial mobility technology company. Anita is a Research Associate Professor of Astronautics and Space Technology specializing in interplanetary entry systems and green transportation technology at her Alma Mater – University of Southern California.

In her spare time, she is an avid pilot, motorcyclist, scuba diver, snowboarder, hiker, long-distance runner, and Sci-Fi fan. No surprise there.