New decade, new concept

Dear Future Port Friends and Supporters!

It is my great pleasure to announce today a redesigned concept for FPP2020 and a new monthly event starting this Spring.

The 2020 feels like a whole new chapter just opened. After two years of round anniversaries of major milestones in Europe’s history — 1918, 1938, 1939, 1968, 1989 — we can look forward again. Knowing our past gives a good perspective of how lucky we are living today.

At Future Port, we took the turning of the decade as an opportunity for distilling all the experience from our past three years to take a fresh look at what we do. Let me introduce what we came up with.

But first things first:
The next Future Port Prague will be again on Sept 10-11, 2020 at Vystaviste Praha, so mark your calendars. Same date, same place. Easy. 🙂

And now back to what we are cooking for you for 2020. It revolves around three key principles: impact, openness, and being a platform.

1) Impact – understanding of how new technologies change our lives is fundamental to thrive in the future. Thus, we want to reach enthusiasts, innovators, and leaders alike. We want to open everybody’s eyes to the rapidly emerging opportunities and threats and give you the courage and exponential mindset to take on bold challenges.

Enthusiasts incl. public, schools, students; Innovators incl. startups, corporates, freelancers, governments; Leaders incl. CxOs, entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers.

This brings me to the second point:

2) Openness – to include as many as we can on this exciting journey, we decided to structure FPP 2020 into two main areas:

  • OPEN-AIR FUTURISTIC FESTIVAL (outside of the Industrial Palace) for all enthusiasts with the latest and future consumer technologies and talks by selected exhibitors.
  • VISIONARY CONFERENCE and B2B EXPO in one concise professional area inside the Industrial Palace aimed at all innovators and leaders. The tickets will include both the expo and our visionary conference newly expanded to multiple indoor stages.

Future Port 2020 Venue Plan

The purpose of this change is to democratize access to exponential knowledge and deepen user experience. For that we also fully reworked the ticket pricing – to be announced soon, stay tuned!

Bringing this new concept to you is super exciting. We truly believe it will move Future Port again a notch higher.

3) Platform – a part of our vision since the beginning, we feel like it’s the right time to go beyond one annual event. Together with the great guys from Opero, our team’s new base, we are preparing Future Mondays, a new monthly event series starting April 6 at 7pm. This is where we want to connect more intimately with you, the innovator community. Mark it in your calendars and expect also here more details soon!

So the year with the magical number 2020 starts in full energy.
Excited? We are! 🙂

And what will the twenty-twenties be like? As always, that depends on each one of us. Looking from our perspective anything but boring. Let’s explore and shape the future together!


Thank you for being with us these first three years,

Martin Holečko
Founder & CEO of Future Port Prague


PS: Want to take an active part in FPP2020?
Apply to be a speaker, exhibitor, partner or volunteer!

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Published: 5. 2. 2020

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