Healing wounds with nanotechnology for the first time ever

Doctors from Liberec, Czech Republic, are the first in the world to test wound healing on patients. They are using a new product called Nanotardis. It was created by scientists from Technical University in Liberec, which is world-known for its breakthroughs in nanotechnologies. Nanotardis helps reconstruct the damaged tissue and then is absorbed into the body without any waste material. So far the results of the testing are very promising.

One of the creators of Nanotardis professor David Lukáš from Technical University in Liberec will be carrying out a workshop at Future Port Prague 2018. He will be presenting a new way of creating nanofibers that widely expands the variety of usages.
There is still time to sign up! Learn more at https://www.futureportprague.com/workshops/