Meet our hand-picked guarantors, the foremost local experts and luminaries who act as our advisors and ensure the quality of content for each of the explored technologies and trends.

  • Future healthcare

    Thomas Hartung

    Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

    Future healthcare

    Professor Hartung is an expert in clinical and experimental pharmacology and toxicology with more than 500 publications. Thomas strives for a paradigm shift in toxicity testing with the goal of improving public health. As a former head of the European Center for the Validation of Alternative Methods at the European Commission’s Joint Research Center, he was dedicated to topics such as toxicity testing, evidence-based toxicology, and the development of new approaches based on annotated pathways of toxicity.
    After relocating to the United States, he became director for the Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing and a laboratory for developmental neurotoxicity research.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Jan Kleindienst

    Research & Development Manager, IBM Watson Lab

    Artificial Intelligence

    Jan earned a degree in artificial intelligence, which he has worked on at IBM since the 1990s. He now leads IBM’s Prague research and development lab and is a leading Czech expert on conversational systems. He focuses on developing artificial intelligence systems that recognize speech and allow for a dialogue between people and computers. Jan’s team can also boast of a number of international publications and patents which document the global impact of their work.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Michal Pěchouček

    Professor of Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    Michal is a professor at the Czech Technical University (ČVUT) where he founded and leads the Artificial Intelligence Center and heads the Department of Computer Science. He has been a visiting professor at foreign universities and led research projects financed by agencies like NASA or the FAA. Michal co-founded Cognitive Security and held the position of head of R&D for three years. The AI start-up then became a part of CISCO Systems in 2013.  He also co-founded AgentFly Technologies, which specializes in controlling autonomous aircraft traffic, and BlindSpot solutions, which develops AI for industrial applications. Michal was named to the New Europe 100 list of significant innovators in 2015.

  • New materials

    Jiří Kůs

    Co-founder, nanoSPACE

    New materials

    Jiří Kůs’s path has led him to become a proud evangelist for new materials and industrial revolution. Inspired by Jeremy Rifkin, he began his studies into industrial energy, which he followed with degrees in psychology and sociology.
    Jiří claims that nanotechnologies are the alchemy of the 21st century. He co-founded nanoSPACE, which which produces anti-allergy bedding with nanofibres. He also chairs the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association. Jiří claims the Czech Republic is a nano superpower under the initiative Czech is Nano.

  • Future mobility

    Martin Hausenblas

    Co-Founder Adler Czech & Liftago

    Future mobility

    Martin is dedicated to innovative projects with broad societal implications. That’s why he entered politics and founded the Podnikáme bez korupce anti-corruption group and a fund to finance internships for students abroad. His long-term focus on the sharing economy, autonomous mobility, and exponential technologies led to launching the Liftago application. Martin believes in a philosophy of sustainable business, which can be seen in his work in the Ústí region where he’d like to create conditions that would attract a global autonomous mobility player. He supports car and bike sharing projects and is also involved in startup New Mobility Project that optimizes city transportation.

  • Robots & drones

    Jan Mittner

    CEO Rotorama; A Top Drone Racer

    Robots & drones

    Jan Mittner is the founder or co-founder of several successful business, including career showroom or, which was acquired by BlaBlaCar, one of the world leaders in the ride-sharing industry. He enjoys flying, either in sport aircraft, gliding, and especially RC models, leading to his massive interest in first-person view (FPV) quadcopter flying and drone racing. Jan won the most prestigious FPV drone race last year and counts as one of the best racers in the world. He also founded Rotorama – a company that provides high-level drone racing equipment and services throughout the EU.

  • 3D printing

    Adam Jech

    Co-Founder, MakersLAB

    3D printing

    Adam studied architecture and later became a 3D printing enthusiast, even building his first printer himself. He co-founded MakersLAB, a 3D printing and prototyping workshop that educates future modelers and 3D printing experts by marrying creativity with innovative technologies. MakersLAB also brings together enthusiasts that evangelize the opportunities 3D printing offers while also providing technical supervision to hobbyists, early adopters, and experts.

  • Internet of everything

    David Kadleček

    Application Development Manager, Cognitive IoT Lab

    Internet of everything

    David earned a degree in artificial intelligence. Before joining IBM, he worked for start-ups in the Czech Republic and Silicon Valley. He has 20 years of experience in designing and implementing IT systems.
    He is an intrapreneur at IBM Czech Republic, currently working with innovative, agile teams developing solutions in finance, logistics, manufacturing, and smart cities. The start-up-based teams connect business, technology, and university research to leverage unique synergies between IoT and machine learning.

  • Virtual & augmented reality

    Marek Polčák

    CEO & Founder, VRgineers, Inc.

    Virtual & augmented reality

    Marek is body and soul, a vrgineer, or Virtual Reality engineer. He is also a visionary and a key innovator. His company, VRgineers, pushes the limits of high-end virtual reality gear targeting business and industrial use. Their latest product, the high-definition head-mounted VRHero 5K display is being tested and used in large companies throughout Europe and the United States. Marek is a keen VR evangelist and has spoken about enterprise-level VR at events across Europe and in Silicon Valley.

  • Robots & drones

    Nigel Smith

    CEO, TM Robotics

    Robots & drones

    Nigel has been involved with automation for more than 30 years. Before he founded TM Robotics, he was EMEA Product Manager for Toshiba’s programmable controllers and industrial robots.
    Nigel founded TM Robotics on April 1, 2000 in order to focus on growing and developing Toshiba’s industrial robot business throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Russia, and North and South America.

  • Internet of everything

    Pavel Sodomka

    Managing Partner, SimpleCell Networks

    Internet of everything

    Pavel Sodomka started his career as a strategic advisor to the Director of Czech Centres and helped launch the organization’s first official website. In 1994, he became one of the first employees of Microsoft’s Czech unit, where he was responsible for marketing. In 1999, he launched development of Pozitiv and, two of Pavel’s other firms, were the first to bring audio and video streaming to the Czech Republic. After selling, he co-founded non-profit Radost 3.0 and invested in e-bike company ekolo and netmail, the first official Google Apps partner in the Czech Republic.
    Pavel and Jan John launched an Internet of Things network based on Sigfox technology in 2014. As managing partner of SimpleCell Networks, he takes care of the network and coordinates marketing and ecosystem development processes.

  • Future healthcare

    Tomáš Šebek

    Surgeon; Co-Founder, Meditorial & Founder,

    Future healthcare

    MUDr. Tomáš Šebek studied medicine at Charles University and works as a surgeon at the St. Francis Hospital in Prague. He began his close cooperation with Doctors Without Borders in 2010 and took on his first surgical mission abroad, travelling to Haiti that same year. He’s provided emergency care in Afghanistan as recently as 2015. Tomáš is a co-founder of MeDitorial and founded, two projects that help inform the general public about health resources on the internet. He’s also been an evangelist for telemedicine, which uses smart technologies to connect doctors with their patients.

Future of Life, Work & Society

  • Dagmar Císařovská

    Mentor, Minerva 21 - Humanity

    In her 13 years at ExxonMobil, Dagmar has experience with employee health, communications, crisis management, CSR, auditing, and education. She believes in connecting people and personal responsibility that creates a healthy environment and relationships. That philosophy has led her to be a successful mentor to several NGOs as well as women’s networking organizations. Dagmar will focus on technological topics that promise to transform society, relationships, and human values.

  • Martin Lupa

    Co-Founder, - Leadership

    Martin is a seasoned senior manager focused on product management, marketing, and sales with experience in firms like Procter & Gamble, Avon Cosmetics, ČSOB, and mBank. He currently oversees Tesco Stores ČR’s foundations and relations with legislators, ministries, and other institutions.
    Martin shares his extensive leadership experience in the Lídrárna project, which he founded in 2014. The goal was to find people in the Czech Republic who inspire and support the development of the next generation of leaders. The biggest challenges have proven to be the outdated education system and the untapped potential of people in corporations. His activities connect the worlds of large corporations, schools, non-profits, politicians, state institutions, students, and entrepreneurs.

  • Jan Veselý

    Smarter University Leader - Education

    Jan currently focuses on helping young people find their place in the working world through the Alliance for YOUth, which he is coordinates in the Czech Republic, and the Smarter University program. During the last few years, he has also led teams full of extraordinary people bring to life projects like the Vodafone Foundation Laboratory accelerator for social startups; EduFórum, a set of networking events connecting innovative minds in education; and Inovátoř, a project focused on eliminating wastes of time, money, and energy, allowing innovators to reach their creative potential. He is also sharing parental leave with his wife.

  • Tomáš E. Dombrovský

    Analyst, LMC - Labour Market

    Tomáš is an analyst at LMC with a unique view of the labor market and its relation to education and society at large. He provides HR consulting services and works to meaningfully connect people across firms and institutions. Tomáš regularly speaks at conferences and points out the need to prepare for the radical changes that will come with exponential technologies.