Google: The Future is Digital. Are You Prepared?

Google: The Future is Digital. Are You Prepared?

Google hasn’t been a simple search engine for some time. We help thousands of European entrepreneurs launch new enterprises, foster their creativity, and change ideas into prospering firms. We help students, marketers, and employees acquire the digital capabilities that will be necessary to perform 90% of jobs in the near future, regardless of the sector. Stop by our stand at Future Port Prague and find out how we can help you.

Do you want to find your way in the digital world?

We’ll show you the Digital Garage – an extensive free-of-charge training program that will teach you to use the internet in your favor. Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, or you just want to understand how the online world works, you can tailor the Digital Garage to your needs and design your own development plan. The tutorials filled with practical tips allow you to grasp the basic principles of web design, online advertising, and social network engagement. Some 60,000 people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia have used the Digital Garage since its launch to begin their journey into the online world.

Are you an entrepreneur or an SMB? Do you want to know how to build and grow your brand online?

Stop by the Google stand and learn about Google Partners, a digital marketing platform for agencies and professionals. We’ll uncover the ways the internet can help your company expand and guide you to select a digital agency that will help cultivate that growth. Talk to Google Partners about becoming a company of the future by building your brand online.

Our certified trainers, partners, and marketing specialists will advise you on the spot and participants in the Digital Garage and the Google Partners program will tell you what a difference they can make for your business. Find out more about trends in digital media, online customer behavior, and about resources that can help you in the digital future. We look forward to seeing you!

Are you a fan of technology online and at home?

Experience virtual reality for yourself on the Daydream platform. After your virtual trip, we’ve prepared a little quiz that will show how well you know digital trends.

You can also attend out talk titled “Unlocking Technological and Human Potential in the 21st Century” where Googlers Martina Sokolíková and Veronika Froncová will present Google’s programs that help firms and individuals prepare for the digital future of the 21st century.