Future Port 2020 Virtual FAQ

Update (June 6, 2020) – we have finally decided not to run Future Port digitally this year and move the event to 2021. Here’s the full post.

All tickets purchased for 2020 will be refunded.

April 22, 2020

I have already bought a ticket for the physical Future Port Prague 2020. What shall I do? Can I get a refund?

  • Please hold on until the second mid-May. We will then reveal the new Future Port Virtual concept and come back to you directly to give you an option to either transfer your ticket to the new event format or get a full refund.  If you are in a tight situation and need a refund immediately, we’ll do our best – just, write to hello@futureportprague.com and we will handle you individually.

I am an exhibitor who wants/wanted to take part in the event, what shall I do? 

  • Like with the ticket holders, once we reveal the new concept of Future Port Virtual, we start onboarding exhibitors for the virtual event. Our expo team will contact you directly. If you are not in touch yet, please fill in the Expo application form here.

Will there be an expo in the virtual event?

  • Yes. Live and interactive. If you are interested in exhibiting, let us know here.

Will there be a conference in the virtual event?

  • Yes. Live and interactive.

Will it be just pre-recorded talks and videos?

  • Nope. Live, interactive, and real, albeit virtual.

Will it be a webinar?

  • Webinars are to Future Port Virtual like a village band to a symphonic orchestra. Both can play a tune but the experience is quite different.

I am interested in partnering with the virtual event.


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Published: 22. 4. 2020

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