Fighting the pollution with art by PETMAT

One approach on how to utilize the ever-increasing amount of plastic waste around us is being developed by PETMAT. This research group based at the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University explores the combination of recycled PET and architecture. In fighting pollution PETMAT do not only utilize the 3D printing technology but also comes with educational efforts with the intent of raising public awareness.

You could have seen their creation – “PET(ch)airs” – at the Czech pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milano. The basis of this piece of furniture is a bottle-brick called “PET(b)rick” produced by an industrial method of plastic blow molding. Easy shapeshifting of the PET also allowed the group to create various art installations ranging from trees, stars, and jellyfish to small 3D-printed necklaces and earrings.
The PETMAT endeavor provides a very intriguing mix of science, architecture, design, and education. Come to their stand at the FPP festival and discuss recycling while sitting in a chair made solely from PET!