Futuristic tech showcase in a vibrant festival atmosphere.

Sept. 7, 2017 9:30AM - 10PM

  • XTNDThe smartest longboard ever made

  • NavyaThe world's first autonomous bus

  • VRgineersThe most advanced VR goggles for pros

  • AeromobilA luxurious car or a plane?

  • BattswapThe fastest battery swap in the world

  • NanopharmaThymus: World's first smart organoid

  • TeslaTesla cars

  • ToyotaThe first hydrogen car in the world

  • Rayvolt BikeStylish electric bikes

  • RotoramaDrone racing with world's top pilots

  • T-MobilePimp your old car

  • NanitsRevolution in the comics world

See & Discover

Get up close and personal with some of the most exciting tech available today.

The day will leave you inspired with a head full of new insight, ideas, and contacts
so you can take advantage of these technologies yourself.

Exponential technologies

  • VR/AR Zone

    Experience virtual and augmented reality first-hand. See where the technology is headed and learn the depth of its incredible potential.

  • Future Mobility Zone

    What will we drive — or fly — in the near future? Explore electric and autonomous vehicles, flying cars, and more.

  • New Materials Zone

    Nano filters, graphene, smart paints, and more.

  • AI zone

    Artificial intelligence is penetrating everything: from medicine to accounting; from software to hardware. How it will extend our capabilities?

  • Drone Zone

    See the world’s top drone racers in action and fly their gear yourself! Learn how award-winning intelligent autonomous drones cooperate and much more.

  • IoT Zone

    We will soon live in a world where you can have real-time information about anything from anywhere.

  • 3D Printing Zone

    Additive manufacturing changes everything we thought we knew about how to make things.

  • Future of Healthcare Zone

    Analytic, advisory, and predictive technologies supported by cheap sensors, new materials, robotics, and machine learning are already significantly changing the way we perceive our health and practise medicine today.

Selected Exhibitors

Beyond Technologies

  • Future of You

    What should we teach our kids when most of today’s jobs will disappear before they become adults? And how will we teach them what they need to know?

  • Network & Talk

    Looking for people to drive your tech innovations? Eager to join a future-focused company? This is the place to be.

  • Chillout & Work

    Areas to grab a coffee, chat and wind up or get that email done.

  • Open-air Concert

    What would a festival be without music? At the end of an inspiring and productive day, have a drink, relax, and enjoy a concert that will close the event.

Listen & Get Inspired

Main Festival Stage

Inspiration beyond imagination. An all-day program of talks, interviews, and demos
with topics ranging from the dawn of EVs, through artificial organs to the future of sex.

Hourly agenda to be announced.

Partner Program

Partner-specific talks and demos in their respective zones.

Agenda to be announced.

Play & Experience

  1. Fly a racing drone simulator or a real drone (Rotorama, Drone zone)
  2. Play with a chatbot (IBM, AI Zone)
  3. Sit in the latest Tesla X (Tesla, Future of Mobility Zone)
  4. Play with an IoT robot (IBM, IoT Zone)
  5. Try world’s best VR Goggles built in Prague (VRgineers, VR/AR zone)
  6. Charge your phone with your own energy
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Pražská tržnice

The SaSaZu club at Pražská tržnice (The Prague Market), is a famous Prague culture and event venue. Located conveniently in the Future Festival & Expo grounds, it gives the conference participants a direct access to the exhibitors and tech showcases.