1 day. 8 exponential technologies. 10 visionary speakers. All you need to know to lead your organization into an accelerating future.

Future of Business Conference

Sept. 7, 2017 9AM - 10PM

Massive changes brought by new technologies are taking place at this very moment, re-defining, augmenting, and shifting everything. At the Future of Business Conference, you’ll get the BIG picture mapping the challenges and opportunities all industries face in the technology-driven future.

By Leaders, For Leaders

Top experts, leaders, and luminaries in their technology fields, prepared the conference for C-level executives, entrepreneurs, managers, innovators, business developers, and policy makers from all industries, and areas of government.


This all-day series of eye-opening talks by top Czech and international speakers maps the impacts that AI, VR/AR, 3D Printing, robots & drones, the Internet of Everything, new smart materials, future mobility, and future healthcare will have on business.

Exponential Networking: Meet All the Experts in One Room

The evening networking session with speakers and our technology guarantors in one room, ready to answer YOUR questions. Need to consult how AI or VR will disrupt your particular business? The people with the answers will all be there.


A focused, carefully-crafted all-day curriculum on one stage to give you an advantage going into the future. No scattered parallel tracks, no paid presentations, no bs.


Pražská tržnice (The Prague Market), a picturesque historical site in Prague’s larger city center, will host Future Port Prague. The event will unfold over a large indoor and outdoor space. Our aim is to demonstrate the potential of the site and the surrounding Holešovice quarter to become a Future Port where innovative projects — technological, creative, cultural, and social — interconnect in a lively and inspirational hub.

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