Alza: Electromobility and VR in the spotlight is not a regular e-shop that just sells what customers want. Modern technologies are our passion. We want to push the boundaries and to forge a path based on a technological vision. We believe modern technologies are the future of humankind. As part of our commitment to the future, we simply cannot miss a landmark event like Future Port Prague.

Our goal is to bring new technologies closer to people and enable everyone to experience the future in the most comfortable way possible and at their own pace. That’s one reason behind the launch of Tesla and BMW electric car or Zero electric bike sales. Another example of our embracing the future is the ability to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that we plan to implement. We also offer a full range of virtual reality products, 3D printing tools, advanced drones, robot toys, and smart home and IoT products that continue to grow in popularity.

And what technology will we show at Future Port Prague? It would be impossible to display everything that we’d like to, so we decided to focus on electric vehicles and virtual reality.

You can visit virtual worlds via the HTC Vive, PlayStation4 VR, or Samsung Gear VR. As a bonus, you can compete for the great HTC Vive and other great prizes.

We will also bring a Tesla Model X, BMW i3, or Zero. Please feel free to have seat, take a ride, and discover the future of environmentally-friendly electric mobility.