“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln

Welcome to Exponential Times

When we started Etnetera in 1997, the first mobile phones had just appeared and a few companies had websites, but there was no Google, YouTube, or Facebook. Fast forward to 2017 and look around – technology is everywhere and what we carry in our pockets would have costed millions of dollars 20 years ago. And much of it was not even possible.

A comparable amount of technological progress that took place in the intervening two decades will, according to estimates, take place in just the next four years. This is not a linear progression. It’s exponential.

By creating Future Port Prague together with our visionary partners, we want to help people and businesses in our region better understand this phenomenon; not just the technology, but the deeper societal changes that will require a rethinking and rewiring of our business models and environments, our education systems, and most importantly our own mindsets.

If we can manage that and couple it with the creative engineering spirit and strong tradition of innovation in the Czech Republic and all of Central and Eastern Europe, we could tap a wellspring of potential for the region to thrive in the exploding digital revolution. This is our way of contributing to that goal.

The Birth of Future Port Prague

The creation of a visionary futuristic festival was birthed from three ingredients: Etnetera co-founder Martin Holečko’s passion for technological trends, which was fully unleashed after reading Peter Diamandis’ book BOLD; inspiration from the open-air innovation festival Propelify, which took technologies out of the exhibition hall and put them on a pier with the breathtaking Manhattan skyline as a backdrop; and a search for a good way to give back while marking the 20th anniversary of Etnetera’s founding in 2017.

After discussing the Future Port Prague concept with dozens of business and community leaders, it was clear there is demand for such an overarching event studying the combined impact of exponential technologies and the opportunities they create: In tther words, to show innovators and decision makers the BIG picture.

The Future is Bright (If We Make It So)

Our goal is to present a positive vision of the future where people are empowered and not intimidated by technology. This is not blind techno-optimism. Technological progress itself will not guarantee a better world and happier lives.

What we believe is that technology is an ever more powerful and, at the same time, accessible tool. To use it meaningfully, we have to start with the right information and understanding. And that’s what Future Port Prague is all about.

Three Takeaways

Our goal is that our festival visitors and conference participants leave with 3 main takeaways:

Technology-driven changes concern me too, my company, my life – It’s not something happening in a far away land called Silicon Valley that will only make it here in 15 years;

It’s a great challenge, but an even greater opportunity – Technologies accessible to individuals and small businesses for pennies today were reserved for governments, militaries, and the largest corporations with billion-dollars budgets 20 years ago.

There are easy ways to start – Experimenting, continuous learning, and rapid prototyping are easy to use methods that help you switch from fighting against the current to using its strength for your benefit. Let us know, if we’ve succeeded.

Our team

Our team of incredible enthusiasts, both volunteers and professionals, preparing Future Port Prague for you.

Many more joined us since we’ve taken this picture, you will see them all the event.